Abienuva Edit

Abienuva is the fabulous and amazing roleplayer, artist, and your new god. He is so full of himself, he wrote this page to be filled with trash about his amazingness. This deity is the best person on the planet, and deserves an award for existing. And as said before, is incredibly full of himself when making a page devoted to his "greatness". He created the characters known as Orokal, Arilam, Grim, and Cloak. Oh, and Tarakal, and Lyza, but we'll just sweep that under the rug, shall we?

Quotes Edit

Abienuva has said such riveting things as:


"I am sick of these mother-freaking gods, in this mother-freaking role-play!"

"I suck at character development..."

"Man, I need a life."






"I welcome you."



"Awww, yeah, Arilam's character arc will be intense and emotional!"

"I was wrong."

"Why am I using a wiki page for a lego role-play to vent about things I've had on my mind? This isn't a therapist, idiot..."


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