Arilam, after his visual rework

Toa Arilam Edit

A Toa of Lightning who used to work for the Empire.

History Edit

As a matoran Edit

As a matoran, Arilam was clumsy, and not very social, as well as frowned upon by his fellow villagers. One day, his clumsiness ended up in shattering a priceless statue passed down from generation to generation, and a symbol of hope for their people. This was the last straw, as he was banished from the island, forced to find a new home. Eventually, he arrived at an island plagued with war, and found a friendly Ta-Matoran named Orokal. They grew a close friendship, as they helped each other survive. They eventually found a way off the island, and were sailing off on a boat once more, to have many adventures together.

Spherus Magna Edit

After finding their way to Metru-Nui, and being evacuated to Spherus Magna, the two became toa due to Takanuva's power. They did a decent job protecting New Atero, But Orokal grew less and less aware of his friend's troubles Arilam's past ate away at him, as he doubted whether Matoran society still trusted him, especially with the power that came with being a toa. Arilam eventually hit the breaking point, and left to join the Empire. He worked for them for some time, however unlike most members, he secretly refused to kill anyone, and was doubting his actions almost every moment. One day, Orokal was captured by Velika, and persuaded Arilam to rejoin the matoran, and break out of the fortress along with a matoran named Petram.


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