Welcome to the BIONICLE: The Next Chapter Roleplay WikiaEdit

This is the BIONICLE Next Chapter Roleplay Wiki! This is based off of a roleplaying game on the LEGO Message boards. (Members of the roleplay, edit as you please. :))

What is The Next Chapter?Edit

Bionicle: The Next Chapter is a role-play spinoff of a fanfiction originally started by Flexhero, and now run by Stampededeathcross38. It primarily stars a small group of Toa and other beings (The Toa Of New Atero) fighting to first defend the city of New Atero, and later to defeat the various dark, godlike beings that would seek to crush or remake their world. It was the longest unofficial Bionicle role-play topic as of 2016, and even outlived the LMB itself, being reallocated to the Gen 1 RP site to continue running.

Latest activityEdit

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