Bayor is a Skrall of the same clan as Tuma, who was his uncle. The last surviving member of the line, he carries Tuma's sword and has vowed to bring honor to his family. He is an insomniac, being stricken by nightmares when he does sleep of a Toa of Fire with black, empty eyes.

History Edit

Bara Magna Edit

Bayor mostly stayed out of the invasion against the Agori, but he did fight under Stronius in the final battle along with his father.

Spherus Magna Edit

Bayor and his father left the remaining Skrall clans for a life of farming, avoiding the Empire and chasing off bands of Vorox and Rahkshi. Bayor's father fell ill, and on his death bed he gifted Bayor with Tuma's mighty sword. He told his son to keep it safe, and to never use it for evil again.

Broken Promise Edit

Bayor, stricken by his grief, went to find his kinsmen--within the Empire. He joined up as a guard for Velika's thrown room, hoping that no one would ever get that far. He was wrong. One Toa of Fire changed coats, being completely fed up with the Empire, and tried to kill Velika. Bayor dueled him, and both dealt many blows, Bayor being scarred and the Toa being even more so, the most noticable part of his body. Finally Bayor dealt the killing blow, burriying the huge sword in the Toa's head. They tossed the body out, and Bayor left the Empire, depressed as he had broken his promise.

Nomad Edit

Bayor left on his giant rock steed, a proud specimen which their family bred, and ran away at full gallop. Nothing would be able to catch up. He traveled across town, avoiding the Empire and making money from small, momentary jobs or underground Glatorian fights. He'd use this to buy his supplies, but finding work outside the arena was harder-people loved seeing a Skrall battler, but hid and ran from him in most instances. He could never sleep, having nightmares about the Toa of Fire returning and doing horrible things to him. At one time he had multiple attempts on his life: a vat of acid was almost dumped directly on him, multiple times objects would be dropped on him from above or projectiles would be launched from cover. Once he caught the assassin, a Ko-Matoran, and they fought. The duel ended when the Skrall revealed how he'd left the Empire years ago, which was why he had been hunted. The Ko-Matoran apologized and bought him a drink. Bayor spent the rest few years doing the same thing, eventually coming to New Atero, where he cleared an entire market square in seconds just by showing up. He's taken some food, left some widgets on the counters, and rides off to get more supplies from the district of water.

Personality and Traits Edit

Bayor is grumpy due to his lack of sleep, but he's also quick to forgive. He's still a little depressed about breaking his promise, and he avoids talking that far back about his past. He is obsessed with regaining honor, for him and his clan, and is also an avenger, all too willing to kill anyone who harms his friends. Lucky for him, he has none. He is extremely big and has a strength th match, something their family is well-known for. He bears their colors on his arms and legs, a bright lime green, to mark his clan,

Tools and Equipment Edit

Bayor carries Tuma's massive sword and a saw-bladed shield bearing the Great Maze and their family's colors. Additionally, he has a large sack strapped to his back.

Trivia Edit

Bayor is role played by Tahu-of-fire, but he is actually his brother's character, and he his brother has to approve of everything Bayor-related. Also, this is Toa-of-Pie, Tahu's brother. Hi.

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