• Jayzor17

    Yep, I actually am working on some of the locations. Well, I forgot for a little bit, but I'm back on it now. For today: New Atero.

    My biggest thing with New Atero was trying to realistically explain why a source of water, a rainforest requiring a lot of water, and a desert, which requires a lack of water, are so close together. My solution, as it tends to end up, was including a mountain.

    This mountain ridge, the tail end of a range going off to the northwest, sort of divides the city in half. On one side is Ga- and Le-Magna, while on the other is Po- and Onu-Magna. Ko- and Ta-Magna straddle the ridge itself. Av-Kini, the Temple of Light, sits on a small peak in just about the center of the city.

    The idea is that winds blow from southeast to…

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  • Jayzor17


    June 5, 2017 by Jayzor17

    So, when I read and write stuff, I fixate on the locations involved. With that in mind, I was wondering if I could get permission to do some world building for important locations. I'm currently only thinking about the Temple of Light, but I was hoping this could be a sort of general okay for other locations as I think of them. I'm not planning on touching Solar Base, Xia's 2, or any similar locations that are very closely associated with one user. Locations in New Atero, maybe some stuff outside of that.


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  • Rahzahkea

    The Dark Thought

    April 7, 2017 by Rahzahkea

    Author's Note: I needed to get this off of my computer. Also, is there a specific reason why our group seems to be slowing, or is it just general lethargy/time constraints, or the fact my nigh-bottomless amounts of free time let me check it far too often?

    It was interesting, watching you.

    Even among the others, you were brave, though not more so than most of them. But even so, most heroes couldn't have stood against things like those, let alone fight them. And, the way you fought them too...

    That was the most interesting about you. Not just with that shining blade, but with words. With ideas. With thoughts. You stood on the same ground as gods, things who could doom worlds, and fought them with ideas. Or, tried to at least.

    That's what wars ar…

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  • Vashwhyssrs


    January 7, 2017 by Vashwhyssrs

    So I'm trying to get on the TTV site, but it's not running for me, I've been waiting to try to log in for like 40 minutes now. Ugh...

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  • Vashwhyssrs

    The Archive for the RP. I don't want do this because of how many posts there are, but I don't want the them to dissapear for ever either, so here we go.

    Oh, and it's going in ascending order. That's first to latest.

    Finally done with the 400s

    Breaking on page: 375

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  • Vashwhyssrs

    If I had thought this at Halloween time, I would have put it then.

    All was peceful this autumn season. The people of New Atero laughed and played as the sun set on the new world. The people decorated the city with colorful, seasonal decorations, and that big fellow Solorok handed out pumpkin flavored coffee. Sure it tasted like vanilla candles, but it was fun nonetheless.

    But not all was as one warrior lay dead. Someone had murdered our good Knight Vashari, but dead he did not stay. His broken body, adorned with claws and chains rose from the ground, angry and vengeful. With broken eyes, and black heart light the monster headed towards our city, intent on finding its killer. Stay in your homes, stay out of its way, lest you end up one of the…

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  • Vashwhyssrs

    Stupid Message Boards

    November 19, 2016 by Vashwhyssrs

    The stupid message boards won't let log in so I can't post!

    Sometimes I hate that stupid website! And it dosent help that I'm having the worst week I've had!

    Hate! Hate! Hate!

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  • Rahzahkea

    I am in the process of revamping (or trying to) sections of Kirathel, and/or some of my other MOCs. I am writing this to try and see if any of you guys would be willing to help contribute ideas or designs that I could use.

    Ideas I favor/specifically like are;

    Custom Limbs, mainly arms.

    Custom bodies (probably the hardest one to do).

    If any of you have knowledge of these concepts, or MOC'ing in general, and would like to help, please reply to this message. If not, then have a nice day :)

    - Darthvega98

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