List of Characters Edit

Timmyh198's Edit

Shadus, Toa of Shadows

Valla, Toa of Magnetism


Nyxos, the Void

Varius, Toa of Fire

Dark Shadus/Toa Kage

Light Shadus

The Harvester

Tahu-of-fire's Edit

Glacies, an Agori Matori from Ko-Magna. Glacies spent a chunk of the roleplay (and a few years before it) as a hired gun with a wild scheme to break his friend Petram out of the Fortress of Darkness. This brought him into league with Shadus and Sylah, who in turn got Rahzahkea to aid them, after which they found Arilam and Orokal who had freed Petram (which lead to them teaming up) and then they found Vashari sleeping in a cart. Thus the Vanguard of New Atero was formed. Despite being a mere Matori, Glacies was able to keep up with the Vanguard in their crazy battles. This made him possibly the most impressive of the Vanguard (fight me!), although Petram usually had his back. Unfortunately Petram lost control of his mind to Improbus and killed Glacies by throwing a spear into his gut. Glacies used his last moments to write letters to all the members of the Vanguard (exempting Ithmys and Sevair, who had just joined). Glacies' role with the Vanguard, his sense of humor, and his touching last words make him sorely missed. Even Tahu-of-Fire isn't happy with his death, and he'd been planning it for months.








Stampede/Vashwhyssrs Edit

Toa Vashari


Vearahza The Hunter



Varo and Saliah



Rolvik Number 4742

Gold Teridax

Makuta Antroz


The White Knight

Famose Venere the Third Monarch

Gran Satān the Seventh Monarch

Darthvega Edit

Rahzahkea, a Toa of Psionics from a forgotten age. Blessed with a sword of eldritch power and a powerful mask, his zeal for justice and idealism have long since been dulled, replaced with a burgeoning hatred of the monsters that have attacked New Atero.

It's going to get him hurt someday.

Sylah, a former Vo-Matoran turned mutant abomination turned technically-still-not-a-Toa with powers over Lightning and Shadow (also Darkspace but we don't talk about that here). Though still burdened by the past and the monsters within, she has moved on much better than Rahzahkea, and serves in the Vanguard alongside him, defending their newfound home.

Kirathel, a golden, Makuta-like being codified as a Demiurge, who forsook her place to destroy her world's cosmic order and replace it with perfect madness. Light Is Not Good, and she is not good either. Perhaps once, more.

Shard, a late Toa of Iron. Once a hero, turned a dark, and cruel mirror of himself, he fought alongside the Vanguard with the sole goal of inflicting pain and torment on the demons that attacked New Atero. He spurned both 'Kea and Sylah, his former friends, until his very end.

He is not missed.

The Heralds, broken, malformed clones of people Kirathel once knew, created to "aid" the Vanguard;

- Inferna, a Rahkshi-Girl-Stereotype that somehow parasitized her own pain to gain more power, with powers over fire. Oddly enough she was the most helpful to the heroes. She's dead now.

- "Not-Kiyara", a ghostlike thing that could teleport and turn intangible. He literally never did anything besides fly around and cackle evilly. He's also dead now.

- Lumos, a very, very sad Hau-bearing Toa with the amazingly unimpressive power of being a living Mask of Illumination that could also fly. He was nice, but didn't really do anything. He's also dead now.

- Selarial, aka Not-Eclipse, a fragile, golden clone of Kirathel with even less reason to be evil, and the (ironic) ability to project a weakness field (that is also amazingly unhelpful because AOE attacks). She offered to help the heroes, but given that she did it after almost turning one of them into a Marendar-rip-off, she was rebuffed, and was real broken up about it. Though the Vanguard confronted her at the Tower, she eventually agreed to let them pass, and a giant clone of Teridax cast her into the fire (don't ask).

Is she dead?

The Wrathbringer, El-Arachis, the Destroyer of All, the Sister-Brother of the Nail-Bearer. The Thing That Should Not Be Alive. A monster from beyond time, a lonely, cruel god with no interest in chaos or order. All creation will not bow, creation will not serve it.

Creation shall cease. Order shall cease. Chaos shall cease. And there shall be nothing, but in that nothing it will reclaim its lost kin. And it will not be alone.

Kiyara, a Brutakan "scientist" who served Kirathel out of a perverted affection. A monstrum ex nihlo, with no excuse to justify his cruelty, just a penchant for making monsters, all in service of his only true "love". A madman who needed to be put down.

A pity they failed.

Abienuva Edit





Jayzor17's Edit

Lync - Toa of Air, serving with the Vanguard to avoid a prison sentence

Ticeli - Toa of Sonics, Nekra Corp Liaison to the Vanguard, former Head of Engineering for Nekra

Malvo - Toa of Iron, Founder and CEO of Nekra Corp

Pheore - Toa of Plasma, Nekra Corp Liaison to the Vanguard, Head of Security for Nekra

Borom - Skrall, Leader of the Storm, former General of the Empire of Darkness

Zhiode - Sister Skrall, Lieutenant to Borom

Crystalia - Toa of Gravity, Assassin, servant to Borom

Syreio - Vortixx, Head of Engineering for Nekra, formerly an Ussal Corp scientist

Borum - Skrall, soldier in the Iron Legion, former soldier of the Empire of Darkness

Tathel - Toa of the Green, soldier and field medic in the New Order's Toa Army

Seriac - Glatorian of Earth, traveler from Bota Magna, Vanguard wannabe

Terenoa - Vorox, traveler from Bota Magna, Vanguard wannabe

Junior743's Edit

Toa Vavo

Deceased/Inactive Edit

Kaeren, Toa of Fire. The former leader of New Atero's military and former mod Flexhero's character. (vanished along with the Council)

The Council of New Atero, composed of Takanuva, Nokama, Vakama, and several others. (vanished during Marendar's second attack, presumed dead)

Ishappa, Toa of Psionics. Reluctant hero with a strange past, who joined the Empire. Presumed dead after Hanah's attack of said fortress.

Varlox - A skakdi of iron who posed as a Skrall chieftain and adopted Carbos. Was killed by Carbos' laser vision.

Carbos - A skakdi of iron who was raised by Varlox. He later rebelled against his adopted father, killing him, and joined New Atero. His time after that was often troubled and thus he has chosen to disappear. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Spordan(original) - A Toa of fire who sacrificed himself to defeat Mother, only for her to survive inside Carbos. Strangely enough, he's reappeared on multiple occasions, breaking the fourth wall when he does.

Project 42: Guyan - A Toa android created by Makuro, but turned evil. Was supposedly destroyed.

Bob - an evil Toa of psionic that was driven insane by the fact that he's actually fiction. He's also responsible for Spordan's insanity. His brain was destroyed by Onisani via a psionic bullet.

Toa Altera - A Toa team from another universe that was hunted by Onisani. They all died saving New Atero from Guyan, except for Stairon, but his whereabouts are unknown.

Rhidorak - Formerly a group of Visorak that were merged together by energized protodermis. He seemed intelligent at first, but later went feral and retreated somewhere underground.

Iklis - A nomadic Toa of Ice who wandered Bara Magna desert. Was killed protecting the Toa Altera from Onisani.

Carvan - Iklis' Agori sidekick who also perished protecting the Toa Altera.

Avoria - A Matoran who was transformed into a Toa of Light, but was lost in another dimension.

Necrosis. A Shadow Toa who later gained godlike powers. Killed by The Composite.

Mother - an evil shadow entity (formerly Toa) that attempted to conquer New Atero. She was later trapped in the form of a hammer before being destroyed alongside Necrosis by the composite.

Onisani, the Huntsman. A hunter who attacked Toa and joined Necrosis. Also killed by The Composite.

Velika - Former leader of The Empire. He was the main villain for the roleplay for a long time. He was challenged by Solorok and, along with Shadus, was killed.

Improbus - A Toa of Psionics, head interogator for the Empire. Was killed in an explosion while trying to play tag-you're-it with Hannah. However, it was said at the end of his dying post that he transferred his conscious to a "mind slave."

Makuro (retconned)

Mackenzie (retconned)

Spordan (reality warped)(retconned)

Impora (retconned)

Nahka (retconned)

Luekos/Skatos (retconned)

Geni (retconned)

Mataivas (retconned)

Nusimia (retconned)

Korge (retconned)

Vezakarda (retconned)

Roaka (retconned)

Tuik, Turaga of Sound

Camari, Toa of Fire





Prophet (Mark IX and X)

The Hood


Varka, the Consumer

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