The Supreme Kings natural ability is to create organic attack drones. The come in a variety of forms. They are mindless constructs that serve am singlar purpose that they will go to any length to fulfill.

The Swarm Form: These weak foot soliders can be rapidly made to swarm the battlefield in order to overwelm the enemy with sheer numbers.

The Infector Form: The Infector Form take control of over other beings through physical melding. They are the smartest form of the Drone variants, and are much stronger than the Swarm Form. Because of its increased intelligence, there can only be one at a time.

The Beast Form: The Beast Form Drones are much stronger and faster, with dog like features.

The Ogre Form: The Ogre is by far the strongest of the Drone Forms. It’s sheer size and strength make it an incredibly powerful opponent, and is primary used a distraction. It is also the second smartest of the forms, acting much like a commander on the battlefield. Upon death, The Ogre can self destruct.