Jayzor17 (commonly shortened to "Jayzor" or even just "Jay") is a founding member of the roleplay. He has worked as a game master (GM) for most of his time in the RP, first as a co-GM to Flexhero, then as the head GM. He is known for a past tendency to disappear for large periods of time.

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Jayzor's first and arguably most popular character, Lync is a Toa of Air and begrudging member of the Vanguard. For the amount of time she has spent in the game, she has had surprisingly little impact on its events.

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Ticeli is a Toa of Sonics and former member of, well, a lot of things. His age and experience could allow him to become a driving force of good... if he actually cared to do so.

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Malvo is a Toa of Iron and the founder and CEO of the Nekra Corporation. His company provides New Atero and its protectors with new levels of technology while he himself provides a blunt and honest counter to the ideology and actions of the Vanguard.

Borom Edit

Borom is a Skrall warlord and former general of the Empire of Darkness. Solorok's interjection superseded his own plans to bring down Velika and caused him to rethink his vision. Now he leads a nebulous group of terrorists that harass New Atero whenever they get the chance.

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