Makuta Antroz is a Knight of Vashari from the same dimension as Gold Makuta Teridax.

Makuta Antroz

Makuta Antroz

History Edit

Death and Resurrection Edit

Makuta Antroz worked many years with Makuta Teridax and Order of Mata Nui. On a scouting mission he was killed by a rogue Vezon. His body was left in a dungeon of Vezons underground fortress in a trash room where he was buried under piles of scrap metal and trash for hundreds of years and left forgotten.

Many years later Antroz was found by a pair of Toa, Savari and Hanah who were trapped in the fortress by Vezons army of Stone Krahka Golems. The two were on a mission too recover the shards of a broken Ingika. After accidentally finding the Makuta, Savari used one of the Mask of Life shards to bring Antroz back despite Hanah's protest.

After a brief fight between the three, Antroz agreed to help the Toa fight through the Golem army. The three made it out alive after a long fight, but were separated

Hunter Edit

After they were spearated, Antroz begun to hunt down the mad Vezon. Knowing he couldn't return home, Antroz turned to bounty hunting across the worlds.

While searching for a lead on Vezon, Antroz met Savari again after he became Toa Vashari. Together the two hunted down Antroz lead, but only ended up fights a hundred Krahka Golems.

The two once again parted ways continuing their journeys. They would not meant again for many years until the New World.

During this time Antroz met the other Knights, who had previously met with Vashari.

The New World Edit

Personality Edit

Like most versions of Antroz, Gold Antroz was a Makuta with a heavy sense of honor, opposition to cheat or deception, an always strove to fight fairly as well as never underestimating his opponent not matter how small. Though the Makuta on the world he was from were good compared to the the Makuta of others worlds, Antroz was always more hot headed and prone to rash action like most beings who associated with fire or the color red. This made his friendship with Vashari develop quickly.

Being a Makuta, Antroz is always apprehensive around Toa, who almost always greet him with mistrust.

Powers and Abilites Edit

Like most Makuta, Antroz can control shadow, create Krana, shape shift. and utilize the 42 Rahkshi powers. He wears a Streamlined Protosteel Jutlin, the Mask of Corruption which can breakdown and rot inorganic material.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Antroz's main weapon is a double barreled rapid fire machine gun with a Protosteel dagger attached. As well as a Protosteel duel ended scythe which can be used to channel powers much like a Rahkshi staff.

Relationships Edit

Makuta Teridax:





Sixth Vashari Knight:


The Vanguard:

Triva Edit

  • This version of Antroz is from the original Vashari story.
  • Antrozs stance is based off of Boba Fett.

Gallery Edit

Knights 1

Half of The Knights Of Vashari

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