The Great City

New Atero is a massive city consisting of six districts and protected by a massive wall. It exists at the center of the planets six elemental regions. It was founded by the six Toa Nuva and named by Tahu the Protector. For most of the original roleplay, it was the main setting, and despite the numerous attacks made on it, the city still stands.

Each District has its own stadium for Kohli and various other sports.

Fire District Edit

Home to fire and forges as well as plasma. It is the chief armor and weapons-manufacturing area of New Atero, but has remained relatively unmarred by the wars despite that.

Water District Edit

Home to schools and water. It is home specifically to Xia's 2, a popular Bar and Nightclub run by Vashari, which serves as the Vanguard's unofficial HQ.

Air/Jungle District Edit

Holds many lush jungles and various temple like buildings. Contains the Suva. Home to Air and Plant Life beings. It contains greenhouses and parks as well, and a chute traveling system.

Ice District Edit

Home to Ice and lightning. Holds Knowledge Towers that work in conjunction to the Water Districts schools.

Earth District Edit

Home to the Onu, Psionics, and Sonic beings. It contains the Archives and mines. So far it has sustained a notable amount of damage, with a portion of the Archives being collapsed by the former Toa Skatos. Due to the collapse, numerous civilian militias and weapons are imported here to defend against wandering exhibits.

Stone District Edit

The Stone District consists of many stone towers and is populated by the Po and Iron citizens. Roughly half of the district was and its portion of the wall were destroyed during Rolvik's Assault, by the Ice Glatorian's Compound Mask.

The Temple Of Light Edit

A Temple of Light at the city's center. Though it was heavily damaged by Marendar, it was partially salvaged by numerous survivors, and intact enough to serve as both the Vanguard and New Orders' HQ. The Mask of Light is displayed in the main room, along with many other statues or monuments to fallen heroes. And has since been repaired by Teridax.

== Gallery ==

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A very bad map of the Wastes

Trivia Edit

Atero is similar to "Attero," the Latin word for "Destroy." Mathis is somewhat ironic, considering the Empire or Torok's forces do most of the destroying.

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