A toa of Fire who fights to protect New Atero and his friends. He isn't too bright at times, but makes up for it in strength and bravery.


Orokal was once a Ta-Matoran who served as a guard for his village. One day, war broke out, as skakdi raiders invaded the island. Orokal's friends, and everything he knew was destroyed before his eyes, and he began to lose hope. Eventually, a matoran of lightning name Arilam showed up on a boat, and the two formed a friendship as Orokal protected him from the skakdi invaders. After years of hiding, they finally formed an escape plan, and were able to leave the island.


After becoming a toa from Takanuva's power, Orokal and his friend served to protect New Atero and its people. Orokal's friend left to join the Empire due to a long dark history, that made him feel untrusted umong the Matoran. Orokal would then spend his time continuing to protect the city, and looking for his friend.


Orokal stumbled upon the Fortress of Darkness, and was captured by Velika. Eventually, his friend Arilam found him, and Orokal persuaded him into rejoining New Atero. The two escaped along with a matoran name Petram, and are now back in New Atero.


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