Pheore is a Toa of Plasma and the Head of Security of Nekra Corp.

History Edit

New Ateran War Edit

Pheore was invited by Malvo to be the Head of Security for Nekra Corp. Manufacturing. She spent the rest of the war running errands for Malvo and overseeing the security of Nekra Corp. Headquarters.

Spotlight Edit

Pheore was with Malvo when he visited Xias 2 to make a deal with the Vanguard. She said little and left with him. She briefly fought with Lync, then disguised as Arcangel, on a Kane-Ra outside of Nekra Corp. Headquarters.

She returned with Malvo to New Atero to find Ticeli. She spotted "Arcangel" again, but was unable to catch up to the stranger. She and Malvo came across Gyraze in the streets and were attacked by the prototype android. Arcangel reappeared and broke up the fight, leading to a debate about the fate of Gyraze and "Arc'". Zhiode, Bayor and Petram appeared, and the Toa of Stone briefly took control of the robot. Petram ran off, and Zhiode commanded Gyraze to overclock its reactor, turning it into a bomb. Pheore worked with Bayor and Lync to forcibly deactivate Gyraze and bring him to a relatively safe space to detonate.

Personality Edit

Pheore has shown great loyalty to Malvo and Nekra Corp. She tends to fidget with her weapons when not doing anything else.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being a Toa of Plasma, Pheore can create and control Plasma. She primarily uses this to coat her katana in plasma.

Pheore has shown great skill in combat.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Pheore wears a Kanohi Kakama, allowing her to move with great speed. She uses this to cross battlefields in an instant and get places faster than most others.

Pheore wields twin katana. They are capable of channeling Pheore's elemental plasma, as well as becoming sheathed in flames to deal extra damage.

Trivia Edit

  • It is likely that Pheore's name is misspelled; the name is a portmanteau of the words "phoenix" and "fire," making it likely that Phoere was the original spelling.