Rule 1: No swearing, disrespecting, or attacking any member of the RP. Ever.

Rule 2: No autohitting. If you want to force effects on people's characters, get consent or do it in a fair way (i.e. if you shoot a flame-burst at a group, and they don't say they doge, you can assume they are lightly burned or something. You cannot use their inaction to have the flame-burst KO the entire group).

Rule 3: No godmodding. This takes several forms:

No citybusting attacks executed instantly. An attack that takes weeks to charge to wipe out New Atero is playable. Having a character who can regularly throw them around is not.

No autododging. Dodging in combat is perfectly fine, but having a single character out-maneuver every attack someone makes or take the hit and have no damage whatsoever is not. Remember, MU/Bionicle denizens are very fast, strong, and powerful fighters. That includes your opponents to the same degree that it includes your own characters.

Rule 4: Reserve broken characters for final bosses, villains, etc. Do not make them MC's. Nothing is less fun than wiping out hordes of villains in a giant Mata-Nui robot. Or with nukes. Look back at 3.

Rule 5: Keep everything clean. If your characters must swear, you can use the words, "Karz", "Karzanhi", or anything else sounding Bionicle.

Rule 6: Please choose from the list of pre-approved species for characters. If you want something a bit different for your character, feel free to suggest your idea in the character thread.

Rule 7: We strongly recommend you start off characters at the very most, at Street Level (that is, can destroy a street or city block at most) in terms of firepower. Through the RP, there can be opportunities to grow in strength and gain new tools and perhaps powers, but having a RP full of people with the equivalent power of a tactical nuke each, is not fun.