Rolvik was an Ice Glatorian, who served under Torok and his Chaos League. He is the brother to Kaliva the Architect.

History Edit

While his origin is mainly unknown, it is known Rolvik was an Ice Glatorian, who joined up with the Chaos League, presumably to further the plan of utopia.

Alongside the Hunter and Hanah, Rolvik attacked New Atero, around the time of an Empire assault. Armed with the Compound Mask, a powerful Kanohi allowing the Glatorian to access various Mask powers, Rolvik was able to overpower several defenders, and destroy Glacies's defense cannon.

Shortly after, the Glatorian was attacked by Rahzahkea, a newly arrived Toa of Psionics. Though they were both tired, both Rolvik and the Toa were able to engage in a sustained duel with each other, before Rolvik, tiring of the battle, triggered the Compound Mask's ultimate power, a small nuclear blast.

The resulting blast incinerated the Glatorian, as well as severely injuring Rahzahkea and causing terrible damage to both the city and attacking Empire army. The Compound Mask was later retrieved by Torok.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Rolvik possessed Ice Manipulation powers, owing to his nature as an Ice Glatorian. In addition, he also wielded the Compound Mask, a Kanohi forged by Torok, which allowed him to;

  • Shielding - The user creates powerful force fields that protect them from physical attacks.
  • Repulsion - The user can repulse a person or object within a certain proximity.
  • Rahi Control - The user can summon and control any nearby Rahi beasts.
  • Diminishment - The user can shrink down to a height of six inches. The added power of the Compound Mask increases this threshold to six centimeters.
  • Telekinesis - The user can lift, control, build, and break apart objects with their mind.
  • Solar Energy - The user can turn their body into a living solar battery, increasing their power, strength, and endurance. The user can also turn themselves into pure solar energy and, thanks to the power of the Compound Mask, can create an explosion the size and scale of a nuclear blast.

Personality Edit

Rolvik was passionate about his beliefs, namely his faith in Torok's dream of a chaotic utopia. Despite the presence of the Toa, he was still willing to fight them, and even to later detonate the mask to sacrifice himself for Torok's dream.

Triva Edit

Photos Edit

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