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Shadus, not to be confused with his character, formerly known as timmyh198 is a participant in the roleplay. He is most notable for his character, Shadus, and his villain, Xantha. He is generally known for making generally "high-tier" characters, all five of them with unbelievable power. He also has a tendancy to make Shadus have multiple beings inside of him as an excuse to give Shadus more power. He made fun of his own character's logic, such as Shadus's hatred for Solorok, who he just met. He is also known for making significant plot lines involving another character without the other user's consent. He also has prejudice against the younger fandom for reasons he won't explain.

He was on temporary hiatus for about six months. In this time, Kage, Shadus, Light Shadus, and Xantha were taken over temporarily by Darthvega98. For a while, the users had feared that he would never return.

It took six months, but he finally came back, and has retaken the control over his characters.

Characters Edit

Shadus - His main character, and by far, his oldest character. This is somebody he had been using since he was young. It's been about 6 years of using him...

Kage - Kage, or Dark Shadus, was made in order to give Shadus a new nemesis. However, after the events of the tower, the writer decided to keep him, and has quickly become a favorite for Shadus (the author).

Xantha - Shadus' original nemesis. She was literally made to give Shadus both more depth and power. But, slowly, she has grown more and more of a backstory. She is generally better of a character than when she first started.

Valla - Made for the sake of making another character, Valla is the author's second oldest character. She was made literally to be a second character. She went on hiatus for a while until Shadus could find something to do with her. However, Valla, due to her kidnapping, would remain on hiatus for a little longer than planned...

Light Shadus - Originally, he was made to combat Solorok, as the author generally hated Solorok. However, once again, he is generally better than when he started.

Nyxos (Deceased) - Made to combat Solorok, but unfortunately was far too weak and couldn't stand up to Solorok's autohitting and autododging.

The Harvester - Once again, made to combat Shadus. However, the author frequently forgets that The Harvester exists...

Darthvega98Notable Quotes Edit

  • (In response to Tahu-Of-Fire roleplaying Greg Farshtey, creator of much of the BIONICLE story, to say that Love is not cannon) I DON'T CAAAAARRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!
  • Blast those little kids!
  • OOC: Lol! I don't know why I laugh...
  • I'm back...