Sides/Factions OverviewEdit

In the world of Bionicle: The Next Chapter, there exist many different factions (most of them evil or otherwise pernicious) that either threaten or defend their world. Following below is a list and brief overview of several major ones.

The Vanguard of New Atero

The sole heroic faction, the Vanguard is composed of Toa, Matoran, and other beings who have taken it upon themselves to defend the Toa capital city, New Atero. Due to the many attacks, the city itself has been reduced to a shadow of what it was, but the actual group has survived up until now...

Prominent Members
Toa Vashari: A Toa of Fire and one of the main leaders, Vashari originally worked for Torok, but due to currently unknown circumstances, left. He now serves alongside the other Toa, armed with a new suit of power armor.

Rahzahkea: A Toa of Psionics and the (unofficial) co-leader with Vashari. He and another Toa, Sylah, hailed from an alternate universe, but after its destruction at the hands of a truly soulless being, they escaped and lost their memories as a side effect. He wields the Starblade, an alien, powerful artifact.

Torok's SoldiersEdit

A group of powerful, emotionally twisted beings who serve Torok, a Matoran with unreasonable power and an idealistic dream. Which involves universal re-creation.

The Wrathbringer's ServitorsEdit

Ruled over by the dark, hideous force of entropy known only as the Wrathbringer, the Servitors are an assemblage of "reborn" beings whose only goal is the assimilation and subsequent destruction of all existence.

The Armies of the Empire Edit

The Empire of Darkness' citizens are either forced or happy to be under the rule of the Empire. However, due to its rebellion-like function, most members of the Empire are Skrall searching go regain honor, Dark Hunters forced into servitude, and many mercenaries and people bearing grudges against New Atero. However, there are also Skakdi bent on destruction, Vortixx spying a prophet, and hundreds of others joining for varying reasons. They served Velika, at least until he was killed by Solorok. They have since been assimilated into Torok's faction and most of them have been turned into Nuva, with "maybe the odd monster here and there" according to Bayor. It is unknown if there are any splinter cells other than Stotie and his Vo-Zya raiders and Sicarius the assassin, but their contracts with the Empire ended with Solorok's takeover.

Borom's Army Edit

Borom is a Skrall General who lead the main campaign against New Atero over the course of the RP. Most of his troops were Skrall, but also consisted of other species. The Skrall were well--trained with their shields. Most of them have become Nuva, as has their leader, but it is unknown where their loyalties lie.

Caybluk's Army Edit

While Borom was put in charge of conquering New Atero, Caybluk was put to work conquering everything in the opposite direction. As most of the planet's inhabitants were in or around New Atero, the going was easy, and it was mostly training battles that were the fiercest. After conquering a fair share of land, Caybluk and his forces returned to the Fortress of Darkness to report to Velika. Solorok soon took over and used mental influence to make Caybluk fight for him. His army has followed suit, with maybe a few deserting. Most of them have become Nuva.

New Order of Mata Nui Edit

An order led by Sansod, a Water Toa, and three cloaked and veiled beings known only as the Voices (of Unity, Duty, and Destiny) that religiously reveres the Great Spirit as an actual god. In the Vanguard's absence, they have mainly taken over New Atero, and famously distrust the latter organization. They are espescially supported by the villages on the outskirts of New Atero, as they were the people who protected them when the Toa Army disbanded following Marendar's attack on the Temple of Light. Immediately after being handed over control of the city by Shard, they drafted all the Toa in the city, convinced that events such as Rolvik's Assault and things such as Stotie's raiding could've been prevented had the Toa remembered their duty. It is unknown where the Order's twisted religious beliefs will take New Atero, or if it will put them at odds with the Vangaurd.

Nekra Corp. Edit

A munitions company run by the Fe-Toa Malvo. The company has, for the most part, stayed out of the actual fighting, only recently publicly revealing itself.

The Knights of Vashari Edit

A group of outcasts that serve as a small independent strike team. They're led by Vashari himself.

Nyxos Edit

A small, select group all created by Lord Nyxos, bred to destroy everything and everyone.

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