Takua is alterate version of Takanuva who lost the powers of the Mask of Light and was reverted into his Matoran from.

History Edit

Losing the Light Edit

Meeting Vashari Edit

Rebellion Edit

Post Rebellion Edit

The Knights Edit

The New World Edit

Personality Edit

Takua is friendly guy. He believes everyone is capable of being good no matter how far gone. This kind ness is often mistaken for ignorance, or innocence.

Weapons and Abilites Edit

Takua, being a Matoran, must utilize a different arsenal than the other Knights To make up for his lack of powers. He weilds two Matoran sized short swords that he keeps on the back of his shoulders, a heavily modified rapid fire Cordak Blaster, and a Av-Matoran jump pack, as well as other small objects like Hanah's various trick bombs.

Relationships Edit

The Knights Edit

Toa Vashari:

Makuta Antroz:

Toa Nuva Hanah:


Varo and Salih:

The Vanguard Edit

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Wood Dragon:

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