Tathel is a Toa of the Green and healer for the New Order of Mata Nui. He was introduced as a mysterious unnamed character by P-Buddy, and his story and character were filled out by Jayzor at the beginning of the New World.

History Edit

Great Spirit Robot Edit

Tathel lived in an out-of-the way village in the Great Spirit Robot. He was affected minimally by Mata Nui being asleep and Makuta's subsequent takeover. The only real affect any of these events had was that his village had to move to an oasis in the Wastes.

Into the Spotlight Edit

Shortly before Rolvik's Assault, Tathel's village was destroyed by an unknown group. In the aftermath, his village's Turaga gave him five Toa Stones and a map to where they could be used. It was the Turaga's dying wish that Tathel travel to New Atero and gift the stones to Matoran so that more Toa could come into existence. He begrudgingly did so, arriving after Vo-Zya raided a group of refugees. He handed the stones to the first four Matoran he could find: Petram, Avoria, Varo, and Salih. However, due to the fact that Varo and Salih chose not to travel to the Suva, the Toa energy from the stones chose two similar Matoran: Bhadraloka and Sansod.

Tathel joined the New Order of Mata Nui some time after its creation.

A New World Edit

Tathel was called into action alongside the rest of the New Order's Toa army when Torrgo entered New Atero. He did little to combat the Electron Hounds, instead acting as a battlefield medic trying to keep others safe. In doing this, he met Arilam, bandaging his wounds, and Hanah, who was just there.

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