The BoxEdit

The Box is a strange device, contained within a black case, that was wielded by Rahzahkea and Shard during the various conflicts in Spherus Magna.


The Box was discovered by Shard during his escape of Kiyara's island. The Toa of Iron took it with him, and later discovered it was the object Kiyara had summoned Kirathel with.

Shard took it with him when he migrated to Spherus Magna, and later met up with Rahzahkea and the other defenders of New Atero.

The Box was first used in an attempt to dissuade Xantha from attacking, which it was able to do.

The Heralds Edit

The Box's first true use was during the appearance of the first Herald, Selariel's appearance. Xantha once again returned, attempting to kill Shadus. The shadow creature was able to subdue Shadus, Valla, and Sylah (due to all three being drained by a weakness field put up by Selariel).

However, Rahzahkea, seizing the object, approached Xantha, passionately declaring the Toa woud never surrender to the destroyer, or any being like her, and triggered one of the Box's functions, blasting away Xantha with a huge bolt of light energy.

When Rahzahkea and the other Toa (including Vashari, Glacies, and Petram) departed to investigate the Onu-Magna section of New Atero, the Box was left in Shard's care.

The Tower Arc Edit


Powers and UsesEdit

The Box's full power is unknown, although it is known to be from the dimension that Kirathel comes from.

So far it has demonstrated the ability to;

- Create and Manipulate Light Energy on a massive scale, enough to blow away Xantha, a being able to fight several top-tier Toa at once.


- While it has not been revealed yet, the Box is possibly a modified version of The Ordon, built by the Great Beings of Kirathel's universe to try and stop her.

- The Box's case appears to be similar to a game system, albeit with six small parts which light as it charges.


The Box

The Box's interior mechanism, as seen momentarily by Xantha, and in the Tower.

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