The Compound Mask

Kanohi Edit

The Counpound Mask is a Kanohi Mask forged by Torok very own hands. It is a powerful weapon that contains multiple Kanohi Mask power that allows its wearer to use at will. The powers can also be combined to create unique attacks gifted only to the wearer. The mask also increases the individual powers effectiveness, for example if the wearer uses the power of Rahi Control at the same time as someone without the Compound Mask, the wearer would override the other.

Powers Edit

The Compound Mask bestows six powers. These are:

  • Shielding - The user creates powerful force fields that protect them from physical attacks.
  • Repulsion - The user can repulse and person or object within a certain proximity.
  • Rahi Control - The user can summon and control any nearby Rahi beasts.
  • Diminishment - The user can shrink down to a height of six inches. The added power of the Compound Mask increases this threshold to six centimeters.
  • Telekininsis - The user can lift, control, build, and break apart objects with their mind.
  • Solar Energy - The user can turn their body into a living solar battery, increasing their power, strength, and endurance. The user can also turn themselves into pure solor energy and, thanks to the power of the Compound Mask, can create an explosion the size and scale of a nuclear blast.

Combination Attacks Edit

Depending on what powers then Compound Mask contains, the user can combine powers, increasing the powers exponentially.

  • Almighty Push - The user creates a forcefield than repulses it, causing the shield to rapidly expand and repel everything around the user, simulating an explosion.
  • True Almighty Push - The user combines the powers of Sheilding, Repulsion, and Solar Energy to turn themselves into a massive nuclear like explosion.

Trivia Edit

  • The Compound Mask is based off of the Six Paths Of Pain. Which actually had Seven abilities. The power of the Six Paths was granted to only those who posed the Rinneigan, a unique ocular mutation.

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