The Seal of the Vashari is an ancient curse mark, or brand that marks the individual as a violator of sacred or taboo rules. Though originally lost to time, it is recognized by all gods and deities.

It strips the marked of their names, seals their emotions, and bans them from godly plains of existence. It forces them to wander as an outcast until they can find redemption. Only when a Marked One truly finds redemption and learns the Seals meaning will they finally be freed of it. Those who do not commit to the path of redemption are killed by it.

The Seal closes off a Marked One's emotions as well as enhances them. They must learn to control the Seal in order to let the pent-up emotions out, and once they do their emotions flood out in an almost uncontrollable way. They must do this or the pent-up emotions will kill them, Otherwise, the Marked One's all appear to be emotionally cold and distant when in fact they end up feeling emotions more intensely than a normal person. This also results in a constant stream of tears flowing from their eyes, preventing clear sight.

The actual word Vashari is originally translated as ”Forsaken”.