List of theme song links/Video links and/or Videos

The Wrathbringer/The Lord of Hosts: Edit

Manus, Father of the Abyss

Grim: Edit

Your Best Nightmare (Undertale)

Orokal: Edit

Braum (League of Legends)

Arilam: Edit

Hang 'em All (Carpenter Brut)

Cloak: Edit

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Dark Souls)

Cloak 2: Edit

Death (Under the Skin)

Glacies and Petram: Edit

Towards the Sun

Sicarius: Edit

Run Boy Run (Instrumental)

General Caybluk: Edit

Panzerkampf and Attero Dominatus

Stotie: Edit

Letter to Whoever

Improbus: Edit

Upside Down and Inside Out

Petram (After Improbus possesses him): Edit


Toa Rahzahkea: Edit

I Will Not Bow

Full Power Rahazhkea: Edit

Strength of  a Thousand Men

"Toa" Sylah: Edit

Revenge Syndrome

 ???: Edit

Artorias The Abysswalker

Toa Vashari: Edit

Let Me Hear - Cover by Amalee/Lee and Lie

Battle Version

Torok Edit

Go tell aunt Rhody - Resident Evill VII Soundtrack by Micheal A. Levin feat. Jordan Reyne

Shadus's Theme A (When he's going psychotic): Edit

Hartmann's Youkai Girl by ZUN, creator of the Touhou games (Which, sadly, I have not played...)

Shadus's Theme B (When he's normal): Edit

Doll Judgment ~ The girl who played with people's shapes Demetori Remix by Demetori2

Valla's Theme: Edit

Green-Eyed Jealousy by ZUN

Xantha's Theme: Edit

U.N. Owen Was Her? by ZUN (I sought to terrify with this one...)

Xantha/Nyxos Reborn (Again) Edit

Lady Tears II from Shadow Hearts from the New World

Dark Shadus's Theme: Edit

One Who Gets in Our Way by ACE+ (Played 1.5 times fast) (Can't believe I found the link...)

Borom: Edit

Come to my Heaven, Cryoshell

Malvo: Edit

Fade Away, Matthias

Ticeli: Edit

Demons, Imagine Dragons

Lync: Edit

Here I Go Again, Whitesnake

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