Vavo is a Toa from an possible future where most life on Sepherus Magna has been wiped out. There's also a matoran version of him in New Atero who isn't time displaced.



Vavo comes from a timeline where a war between Nekra Corp and Vezon's faction destroyed most life on Sepherus Magna and the 200 or so Matoran left alive in the ruins of New Atero were enslaved. Vavo was turned into a Toa by the New Atero Resistance, who hired him as part of a 20 member strikeforce to go back in time and stop the events that led to this future unfolding. However, before they were sent back in time a group of Exo-Toa attacked the NAR base, resulting in several casualties and Vavo being the only member who was sent back in time.

The New WorldEdit

Vavo arrived in the TNC time period off-camera. He later watched Malvo's speech from the crowd and after being directed there by Sylah tried to get onboard the shuttle to Lunar Magna. However, he stopped himself after realising the risks involved. After teleporting away from the launch site, he was given a communication device by Jaron, who asked him to "keep an eye on things". Vavo agreed, so long as Jaron's aims came second to his. More coming soon

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