• Rahzahkea

    The Dark Thought

    April 7, 2017 by Rahzahkea

    Author's Note: I needed to get this off of my computer. Also, is there a specific reason why our group seems to be slowing, or is it just general lethargy/time constraints, or the fact my nigh-bottomless amounts of free time let me check it far too often?

    It was interesting, watching you.

    Even among the others, you were brave, though not more so than most of them. But even so, most heroes couldn't have stood against things like those, let alone fight them. And, the way you fought them too...

    That was the most interesting about you. Not just with that shining blade, but with words. With ideas. With thoughts. You stood on the same ground as gods, things who could doom worlds, and fought them with ideas. Or, tried to at least.

    That's what wars ar…

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  • Rahzahkea

    I am in the process of revamping (or trying to) sections of Kirathel, and/or some of my other MOCs. I am writing this to try and see if any of you guys would be willing to help contribute ideas or designs that I could use.

    Ideas I favor/specifically like are;

    Custom Limbs, mainly arms.

    Custom bodies (probably the hardest one to do).

    If any of you have knowledge of these concepts, or MOC'ing in general, and would like to help, please reply to this message. If not, then have a nice day :)

    - Darthvega98

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