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It was interesting, watching you.

Even among the others, you were brave, though not more so than most of them. But even so, most heroes couldn't have stood against things like those, let alone fight them. And, the way you fought them too...

That was the most interesting about you. Not just with that shining blade, but with words. With ideas. With thoughts. You stood on the same ground as gods, things who could doom worlds, and fought them with ideas. Or, tried to at least.

That's what wars are made of. Ideas. Ideas, thoughts of power, of wealth, of domination. Of light, of salvation, or darkness, damnation. Of beauty and rage.

I love thoughts so. Well, actually no.

I don't love anything, not in a way you love that city, not in the way the mutants care for each other. And I don't even begin to love the way the exile and the deathless one do for each other. Even the Nail-Bearer loves more than I do, if only a memory and a set of contradictory ideas.

I admire ideas, so you could say. I'm a collector of them. I plant them, even.

I planted one in Genesis' mind, a long time ago. It was an experiment of sorts, to see what a god, stripped of their creativity, though that was not my doing, would create in such despair. And so, the Abomination was created. A thing of fire and hate, such brilliant, delectable, cold hate.

It was beautiful.

I reached out with the Abomination, intertwined with it, feeling every cold pulse of rage at the life that swirled around. We opened a gate between worlds, reached out into the multiverse. I felt the burning, passionate fire of the Abomination's ward, the beast with three eyes that crushed your frien-
You know the best kind of hatred, the best kind of malice, of loathing, isn't that of things like the Abomination. Mad, cruel hatred is only so appetizing, and on account of all the things everywhere throughout these infinite planes, it becomes tiring after a while.

No, the best kind of hatred, is the kind you and your friends have, Imperial One.

Righteous hatred, the kind that insists it is right, its natural, it is somehow pure. All these monsters, demons, attacking your world have cultivated within you a passion for justice, based and rooted in your righteous anger.
And by the Realm Creators, it is so delicious.

I almost want to swallow you up whole, and feast on that righteous, helpless anger you would emit with your last strands of existence. But that sword-light, and the others..

No. Too much effort, and manifestation would only mean your entire world rising against my very presence. I have no more wish to inflict pain on your world, at least not through my own means. Your friends silenced the Abomination, and gave Genesis hope back, if only for a second. Somehow, you even made the Demiurge herself like you, so consumed with righteous anger she vanished on your account.

Such interesting creatures. Far more interesting than the knights, or the martials, or even the locked-off Prime world. Far too interesting to kill. I will give you my word I-
No, of course. What words could a demon like myself say, to entice a "hero" like you, to trust me? No, words will not avail me here. Just as your silvery tongue availed you against the cries of the deathless one and her face-less friend. I will instead choose something...of greater value.

But what? I could make you like me, if only a little bit. Give you power, vision, to see the other planes, power to pluck from them others to aid your crusade against the Nail-Bearer. But soon you would become the thing you hate, and all that interesting righteous anger would fade to a dull, meaningless hate, as the war you two would wage would stretch on, and on, and on..

I could chase the Bearer, go back to before it became and return it to the void, or cut down every different Matoran who pick it-

No. Too much effort. The Nail-Bearer is interesting too, perhaps not as much as all of you together, but not worth you alone. Besides, if it were dead, or sprinkled throughout time so as never to reform, where would all your lovely, lovely anger come to? You'd fear me instead, I suppose, but...

No. Not the same.
A mask? No, you already have too many of those..
The brother? But then the Bearer would pursue me, and I'd have to kill both to make it stop...
Repair your world? No. A waste of my talents.
Whatever could a silly thing like you want with...hope? But then again...
I like hope. It's as delicious as pain, as succulent to me as rage. Every little light of hope, is hope to me, hope that I shall always feast and never return to that cursed void where I lay without any mind but the Nail's as company.
"Without hope, we have no reason to fight."  Yes, you are interesting indeed. Threatening, no, demanding things of me? I am the Firstborn Idea, the thing the Realm Creators birthed so much from. I see so many things, such things that could rot your world from thinking of them.
I see. Your fight, this Vanguard you are a part of, runs on hope. Well, that's not much, but..
Yes I see. Give you pain, or power, and you will run dry and boring for my tasting. If I give you hope, then your fight, however futile it may be, will continue, and all that fear, joy, and fury, will be mine to feed on. Mine to sample and taste at my leisure.
. Seal it? Well...
I could, give you the power to seal the connection. But then you would have to understand; only I or you could leave, without a greater portal. Your mask lets you do that, and my power, but the others would be stranded.
Well then.
That's an idea. A wonderful idea.
A gate, a gate to a place like the Void before. A place to hold the Bearer, the Abomination, I don't care about that one, put whoever you please in it. Oh what lovely fun you are!
A farm of such empty, souless, beautiful misery, purer than any-
And I, you think I should be there to?
Your boldness, will get you slain one day, Toa of Mind-Sparks. If I could forge such a realm, what makes you so sure I could be enticed or forced inside? Could I not simply unmake my creation, tear through the veil-strands of existence, or simply slay your universe? I could do that-
A being of such evil, enticed to light, and tormented for the pleasure and joy of darkness evermore..
Oh, Toa of Mind-Sparks... are more like the Bearer than you realize.
But if she is "willing", who am I to impose?
Who am I to set her free, if she throws herself at the cross of blades within the void? I will take her pain, and failing that, her guilt.
And I will stay.
I'm not evil you know. Not like them.
I just feed on thoughts, on concepts.
It's not my fault if most of them are evil.
I will lie willing prisoner within your prison, Toa. If you deliver the redeemed one to me.
Then this shall be as you say.
It took me a while to inflict that upon Genesis, and that was when he was weakened, and bound as an avatar. I cannot reach out the same way Torok does.
No, when I do this, I will use her, Toa. I will encompass her entirely, and through her, make this beautificous thought of yours reality.
And they, we will be within there. Waiting until you fall as well, and your souls join us.

Red Space

In its prison at the end of time, dread humanity waits dreaming.

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