Valla Edit

Valla is a toa of magnetism, and a strong ninja, being able to overpower even a toa with a great mask of strength.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Valla is one of the few members of Shadus's former toa team that is still alive. In her team, she was the lightweight assassin type: always calculating when the right moment to strike comes, always in the dark isolated areas, always a little of a loner. She was also present for Xantha's first defeat, using her magnetism powers to cause Xantha's armor which she had inhabited to stick to the wall, allowing Shadus to deliver the final blow.

However, shortly after this, Shadus was captured and experimented on by Dark Hunters, who used shadow leeches to transform him into a vile, insane villain. He broke out and began an incredible army, which Varius, who had taken over the team in his absence, and his team tried to stop. However, during this war, Valla disappeared.

Life with Velika Edit

Valla woke in Velika's fortress a mutated monster. They told her that Shadus had betrayed her. That he was the one who mutated her. They convinced her that he was evil. She joined Velika in order to avenge herself. To kill Shadus. At the time, she thought that Shadus was still an emperor. However, he had become a toa of lightning again.

She trained, and in this time, found out that her strength was incredible. It surpassed the strength of at least three great masks of strength combined. She took up the art of the greatsword, which she ended up breaking. She used her magnetism powers to hold it together again, forming her familiar and iconic shattered greatsword.

First Encounter Edit

She first found Shadus in Makuro's tower, where Shadus had just been rescued from Velika's dungeons by Impora. Impora and Valla fight, and Valla ultimately retreats, and plans another attack.

Second Encounter Edit

The second encounter would prove to be a lot sooner than she had previously planned. Shadus, along with a part of many other toa, was attacking Velika's fortress. Immediately, she engaged Shadus. However, during the fight, Shadus presented her with the facts. Velika, who was there at the time, told her the truth, and Valla turned on Velika, who swatted her like a fly. She left the field, severely injured.

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