A pair of Matoran, Once a trio.

Varo is a Le Matoran and a structural engineer, currently a bartender at Xias 2 in the water district.

Salih is a Ga Matoran and a , currently a bartender at Xias 2 in her home of the water district. Tramitized by the death of their friend, who's name I forget, Salih never speaks as a coping mechanism. She is also a partial clairvoyant, she can receive "vibes" about people particularly if they are using deception. Vashari pick up on this when he met them.

Trivia: A certain he who shall not be named tried to turn them into Toa against their creators will(me). This attempt was ignored as Varo and Salih were meant to always be Matoran without exception. In other words, not cool bro.