The Hunter

The Hunter was a normal Skakdi that was experimented on by the same Being that transformed Hanah. His insides were transformed into a single worm like thread. Taking the armor that was once his body Vearahza developed and insatiable hunger which led to his Great Hunt. Devouring beings, especially Toa, of their energy and adding what was left into himself becomeing a gestalt being known only as the ultimate Toa Hunter. Originally insane, the Hunter only acted out of instinct much like a Rahkshi. Eventually, however, the Hunter was found by Torok who freed him of his insanity and gave him new purpose as well as a more steady food source. The unlimited energies of Toroks dimension is able to constantly feed the Hunter just from him being present there, and assuring the safety of Toroks other residents.

The Hunter was made part of one of many scouting parties who would go out to other dimensions to recruit or destroy key targets and potentially pave the way for possible invasion. The Hunter however made a habit of devouring his partners in his rampages, luckily Torok found him the perfect partner, the immortal Hanah who could never really die.

The threads that make up his body are incredibly dense giving the Hunter exceptional strength and dexterity, as well as a near immunity to pain.

Being a hive mind, the Hunter has access too hundreds of thounsands of years of knowledge.

His unique physiology allows him to transform his body at will, such as making multiple heads or limbs, as well as a massive Titan form.

He can also use the colloective energies he has stored to channel extremely powerful elemental attack, using different colored masks to harness it. He can also combine elemental attack, increasing there power and potency. For example: the Hunters most common combo attack is the Searing Migraine, which uses powerful air currents to turn simple flamethrowers into massive firestorms.

The Hunter is extremely loyal to Torok and Solorok to the point of being zealous.

Though they don't necessarily like each other, Hanah and the Hunter are a very effective tag team, and are friendly enough not to be openly hostile towards each. The Hunter often uses Hanah immortality to his advantage, Hanah being a mostly close quarters fighter can get up close to lock an opponent down leaving them vulnerable to one of the Hunters powerful elemental attacks.

The Hunter sees anyone who isn't a part of the Torok family as nothing more than food to feed his eternal hunger.

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