Velika (Bionicle: The Next Chapter) Edit

Velika was a rogue Great Being, a creator of the Next Chapter-verse who stowed a body in the MU to create an empire of conquest on Spherus Magna.

Despite his power and army, his empire was seiged numerous times by members of Torok's group, and the titan himself was later slain by Solorok in single combat, despite putting up a good fight. After being slain, his consciousness was saved by the Wrathbringer, to serve as one of its hosts.

Possessing the armor of the mysterious Apprentice Genesis, Velika made a final assault on the Vanguard, as well as a dimensionally displaced Torok, before being crippled by several Toa, notably Valla, and having his spirit destroyed by Genesis' spirit, putting an end to the tyrant.

Early Life and EmpireEdit

Battling ChaosEdit

Death by StarlightEdit

Return and Final DeathEdit

Later, Velika's mind was converted into a wraith of Wrath energy, which somehow infiltrated Genesis' realm and possessed his suit. Turning the armor against the Vanguard, the late Great Being was shot off of the balcony the group was on,

Powers and Abilities

Traits and Relationships


"You invade my territory, destroy my property, insult me, attack my soldiers, and attempt to dispose of me as if I am no more than a mere Matoran."

"If not for your winning attitude, I'd think you were a Toa. You have all the arrogance of one."

- To Solorok, during the latter's attack on the Fortress of Darkness.

"You forgot me...didn't you?" "My fortress and army, lost to a sword, a soulless, futile blade with no purpose being there. All I had...gone to ashes. Not even a memory."

- Expressing his regret and anger at being killed and forgotten so easily.

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